Fully Unlock Any Facebook Profile

Anyone on Facebook has the power to set their profiles to private or limit what certain people can see. Users can restrict things viewable to the public, their friends, or only to themselves. It’s even possible to go as far as restricting what specific people see. Including that one annoying friend who doesn’t stop stalking you or your noisy boss at work.

Have you ever wondered what someone’s profile really looks like without any restrictions? Is it even possible to bypass them?

Maybe you’ve had this dilemma where you’ve gone out with a bunch of your friends. They also happen to bring out their friends you’ve never met before. You hit it off with them and have an amazing time. You later think about them and wonder if they are on Facebook. A quick search and boom! It’s them… but their profile is set to private.

You don’t want to add them as a friend just yet (don’t want to look too desperate). You just want to snoop around their profile to see what they are like. Check out some of their photos, interests, getting a rough idea of who they are before you fully go all in.

BookUnlockr can hack into any profile, completely unlocking it for you to see. View their whole profile including videos, photo albums, wall posts, etc.

Remove any Blocks from your Account

Do you feel like you’ve been limited to viewing only certain parts of someone’s profile? You can only see their profile picture. When you ask one of your other friends they can see the profile no problem. Sounds like you just got blocked!

Let BookUnlockr unblock you. Letting you view the account like how it’s met too. The only thing you won’t be able to do is leave comments or likes on any of their posts. If you are given this option the person would find out and they would for sure know you’re hacking their account.

Search up anyone on Facebook & View all their Friends

You ever see your friend out in public with someone you’ve never seen before and wondered who they were. It’s going to be next to impossible to find out unless you ask them. So you search through their friend’s list but only to see the mutual friends that you have together. If that’s the case then they limited their privacy settings.

User’s privacy settings can be custom tailored to how they want it viewed to the public. It’s even possible to hide yourself from being searched up on Facebook.

This can be quickly bypassed with BookUnlockr. Show anyone’s complete friend’s list even if it is privacy restricted.

Searches will show every single person related to the name that you type, even if they excluded themselves from search results.

View Hidden Facebook Pages

Some Facebook pages can be hidden from you. Either because it is age redistricted and/or it is only available to certain parts of the world. BookUnlockr can adjust your age. Create a mock geolocation based on the pages accepted locations. Giving you complete access to the page.

View Invite Only Facebook Groups without having to Send a Request to Join

Is there a Facebook group you want to join but it has been set to invite only. You tried getting accepted but you go rejected or they are taking way too long to accept. These groups are sometimes only for members who have bought products or classes or use video chat apps.

You probably just want to take a look at what’s being offered or how the members are enjoying the group. With the help of BookUnlockr, you can join the group without actually being a member. View the group like any normal member would without alerting the admin.

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