7 Best Paid and Free Call Recording Apps for iPhone

We often forget important conversations over the phone and regret after the call disconnected. Though there some call recorder apps for Android that record incoming and outgoing calls, but if we talk about iPhone then there are no native call recorder apps on iOS to record iPhone calls.

The solution is pretty simple…

You have to use call recording apps to record calls on iPhone.

There plenty of call recorder app free for iPhone that you can use to record incoming and outgoing calls.

These call recorder apps work perfectly on iPhone as they are specially developed for them. In order to recording calls, you have to make a call through the call recorder apps.

Otherwise, you can also set up a 3-way conference call from iPhone to record a call on the app provider’s server app.

We spend a good amount of time on the internet and build the list of top call recording apps for iPhone that you use today.

Let’s check them out.

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Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone to Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Keep in Mind: There are some predefined rules and regulations to record calls in every country make sure you read them before recording calls.

#1. TapACall Pro

TapACall Pro is one of the best call recorder apps for iPhone to record both incoming and outgoing calls. You can record as much as calls you want by paying a nominal fee. There is no limit on call recording when using TapACall Pro.

The voice recording you do save on TapACall Pro server that increases your mobile speed. In order to record a call, you have to make a 3-way call from your iPhone. Your recording will be available to listen once you hung up.

The best thing about TapACall Pro is you can transfer your recordings to other devices. All you have to do is download a recording from TapACall Pro server to your computer and then upload it on Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive.

Note- TapACall Pro is not a free call recording apps for iPhone you have to pay one-time fee.

TapACall Pro Features:

  • Record your incoming calls
  • Record your outgoing calls
  • No limit on how long you can record a call for
  • No limit on how many recordings you make
  • No per minute fees
  • Transfer recordings to your new devices
  • Easily download recordings to your computer
  • Upload your recordings to Dropbox
  • Upload your recordings to Evernote
  • Upload your recordings to Google Drive

Download from iTunes

#2. Call Recorder – IntCall

Call Recorder - IntCall

If you are looking for a call recording app for iPhone that record a phone call on ihone secretly outgoing calls and save recording on the phone then this is your app.

This is the best automatic call recording app for iPhone to record private outgoing calls – the best part is it saves records on your phone instead of a third-party platform.

However, similar to TapACall Pro it is also a paid call recording app for iPhone and charges you per minute rates to recording calls.

To record a call you have to make a call through this app and it will start recording calls. Your recorded iPhone calls will be available to listen once you’re done will calling. Since records will be saved on your iPhone, therefore, you can sync them to your computer with the help of iTunes. You can even set a name to each recording that will make it easy to remember.

Call Recorder Features:

  • Easily can make and record national or international calls from your iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Don’t need to use number to make calls but must have a good internet connection (WiFi/3G/4G)
  • Call recording saved on your phone
  • Recorded calls can be sent on mail, share on social media sites, etc.
  • Transfer your call recording to your computer with iTunes file sharing
  • Exported to DropBox, Google Drive and more
  • You can also name for each recording

Download from iTunes

#3. Call Recording by NoNotes

It is another popular call recorder app for iPhone that records any call of any length. However, it records call only North America and the UK and save them to the cloud.

You have to create an account to this iPhone call recorder apps only then you would be able to record inbound and outbound calls. The iPhone call recording app comes with the option where you can record calls for transcription.

NoNotes offers 20 mins free call recording each month after that you can upgrade your account if you like this iPhone call recording app. Additionally, you can share recorded files on social media or email them if needed.

Call Recording by NoNotes App Features:

  • Free Call Recording (20 minutes free per month and option to purchase more if needed)
  • Option To Transcribe
  • Save Calls in the Cloud
  • Share on FB, Email
  • Use App For Dictation
  • Attached QR Code To File For Playback
  • Cancel at any time
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Download from iTunes

#4. iPadio

iPadio also has a good reputation when it comes to record iPhone calls. Though it comes with the limitation of 60 minutes call recording. In order to record iPhone calls with this app first, you have to make a call through iPadio and enter your unique pin.

To start recording you have to call the number and merge both calls. With iPadio call recording app, you can record both sides call that will automatically appear online after the conversation end.

The app allows you to rename files, add images, description, and geo-location to make recording easy to remember.

Moreover, you can upload your recorded call directly to the web from your iPhone even while you’re in the middle of the conversation.

iPadio charge pay per use basis and perfectly records both incoming and outgoing calls. Download from iTunes

#5. Call Recorder Pro for iPhone

If you are looking for an easy to use call recording app for iPhone then you’ll love Call Recorder Pro.

Call Recorder Pro is a handy call recorder app for iPhone to that record both incoming and out calls. Additionally, it allows you to download and share recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox.

Similar to other top call recording apps for iPhone it also has a three-way calling features that saves recorded calls on its server.

You need to buy credits from its official website to use this app. Download from iTunes

#6. Call Log Pro

This iPhone call recording app works best on WiFi network and may not perform well on 3g or slower net connection.

In order to use this app, you have to sign up an account with it only then you’ll be able to record your iPhone calls.

The call will be only recorded when you would make a call with this app. Recorded calls will be available on Call Log Pro call lag after call disconnected.

Every recording in Call Log will show the date, time, and the length of the call. Additionally, it will show the number you called recently.

If you want you can share recordings over email or share on social media. Similar to other top iPhone call recording apps this app also charge per minute call recording. It can record every incoming and outgoing call.

Call Log Pro Features:

  • Record your incoming calls
  • Record your outgoing calls
  • Download and share recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox

Download from iTunes

#7. Google Voice (Free Voice Recorder)

If you’re looking for a free call recording apps for iPhone then Google is offering you it’s amazing iPhone call recorder app.

However, you can’t record longer calls with the app but it’s good if you want to record a short conversation for fun.

Since it’s completely free, therefore, it has some limitations such as you can only record incoming calls – recording outgoing calls isn’t possible with this app yet. In future, this free call recorder app might let you record outgoing calls also.

You can record incoming calls to Google Voice number that would be forwarded to your iPhone or Android.

You need to do some setup to use this free call recorder app. Maximum call recording you can do with Google Voice is 3 hours. You have to set up Google voice service with your Google account before you start recording calls. Download from iTunes

Final Thoughts!

However, it is not recommended to record someone calls but if you want you can do this by using call recorder apps.

There are two types of call recording apps available for iPhone. First one who does 3-way calling and record calls on a third-party server.

On the other hand, the second one that doesn’t use a third-party server instead they do save recording data on your iPhone.

If you’re using the first type of call recorder app then first you have to make a call on call recorder app number before you call the number you want to record. You have to connect both calls and merge them together to start recording calls.

This type of iPhone call recording app saves recording on a third-party server that you can access after login with your credentials associated with that call recorder apps website.

Opposite of the first one, if you’re using the second type of call recording app then you have to depend on VOIP app to make outgoing calls and it will record your calls directly to your iPhone.

You don’t need to worry about third-party data loss all recording will be saved on your phone’s memory – but make sure you have WiFi or 4g network while making calls with this app.

Both ways are good for recording calls and allow you to save your recording on PC or upload on a cloud. But if you’re more concerned about the recording calls then second types of call recording app would be best for you.

Let me know which call recording apps for iPhone you are going to try first.

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