Viewing Private Instagram Accounts

Have you ever wondered how to see a private Instagram account? Is it even possible? Your friend sends you a DM sharing a post but all you see is a message saying “This video/photo is hidden because *username* has a private account. Follow *username* to see their photos and videos.”.

Maybe you don’t want to follow another meme account, you already have enough memes flooding your IG feed. Or did they just share one of your crushes posts and you definitely don’t want them knowing you’ve been searching for their social media accounts.

Why do people set their Accounts to private?

Some big Instagram pages like doing this to get more followers which is pretty effective especially if their page constantly gets shared. Even big pages are doing this in order to get more followers. Accounts with a huge following entice you to follow them. Just like a popular private club, it makes you wonder why so many people are following them.

Setting accounts to private also help protect accounts from being banned. This is especially true for accounts that share material that isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Getting a high amount of reports on a post can get accounts disabled temporarily or even worse get the account banned.

Other people just get an insane amount of stalkers and weirdos following them, leaving all these comments full of thirst on every single post. This usually happens to people that are popular, influencers, or those cuties with a booty.

So exactly how do you see someone’s private profile?

1. Ask the person what their username is and have them add you

This is probably the easiest (or toughest) way to follow someone on Instagram who has their account set to private. They could just flat out reject you and all hope will be lost. Or you might just be too afraid to ask because you don’t know them all that well, maybe the both of you are just not friends like that yet.

Don’t try to follow someone on Instagram if you don’t know them. They will most likely just reject your request. You won’t get a notification if they deny you but if you go back to their profile and see a blue button that says “Follow” instead of a grayed out button that says “Request Sent”, then you can try again. However, if you keep sending requests the person will probably just get annoyed and end up blocking you completely.

2. Make a fake profile and use a photo of someone hot or someone they know personally

This method has a higher chance of working especially if you manage to make a legit looking account of someone they know. Make a genuine looking profile and set your account to private as well. This may help trigger them into sending you a follow request. Approve it and they might just return the favor.

Using photos of someone they know will pretty much get an instant approval. The only drawback to this is if they actually ask the person’s photos you used. They will have no recollection of them sending a request to follow. Then you’ll instantly get blocked and possibly reported. But by that time you’ll have already seen their account in full view. You just won’t see any more future updates.

3. Be someone popular that anyone will get excited when you try to follow them

Yup. This is the hardest method of them all especially if you’re just some regular Joe. Get on that influencer level and people will be posting IG stories and posts of you following them.

If none of these methods work then you’ll have no choice. The only other way is to use a hacking app so you can see what’s on the other side of the private account.

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