Not every android launcher apps you see on Play Store comes with app lock features.

You might find some android launcher with app locker but most of them always don’t hide apps

Don’t worry I’ve got something for you if you’re already using the Nova Launcher.

Nova is one of the best launcher apps for Android devices. But, did you know you can hide apps from Nova Launcher?

Yes, it is possible to hide apps in Nova launcher without installing any other apps.

Let’s check out.

Nova Launcher – How to Hide Your Apps?

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Hiding apps in Nova launcher are pretty simple and won’t take a minute. The only requirement is you’ll need Nova Launcher Prime to hide apps. It will quickly hide apps in a drawer that you can launch anytime you want.

First, head over to the Nova’s settings menu you can get there from phone’s settings.

After tapping the Nova settings you’ll see App & widget drawers Tap on that and a list of options will open.

There find the Drawer groups section tap on that and click on the Hide apps” option.

After that, you’ll see all the apps installed on your phone. Select all the apps you like to hide by clicking the checkbox next to the app.

Once you’re done app selection simply tap on a back button or return to home. Congratulation! you just hide the apps in Nova Launcher. All the hide apps won’t visible in the app drawer.

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How to Access Hidden Apps in Nova Launcher

There might some cases when you need those apps that you hide in Nova Launcher.

You might be wondering, how can I find the apps that aren’t visible in the app drawer.

Don’t need to be panic, we’re still here to help you. Go to the same settings where you hide the apps and uncheck the app that you want to unhide.

Isn’t that simple?

There are some ways to launch the hidden apps without unhiding them.

Let’s see how?

Access a Hidden App in Nova Launcher from the Search Bar

If you’re using the latest version of android app drawer such as Marshmallow, then you can see there is Recently install or updated” app menu.

The hidden app’s icon might not be visible in the Nova launcher drawer, but no need to worry simply search the app name and the hidden app will appear like a Jinny.

Just kidding! Once you see the app simply tap and launch that.

What if you want to launch multiple hidden apps at once in Nova launcher?

There is a way for that also. Here it is.

Access All Your Hidden Apps at Once

No problem if you want to show your all hidden apps in Nova launcher, there is a simple way to do that. The only requirement to do that is you have to enable Nova’s tabbed app drawer interface first.

Move to the Nova’s Settings menu, then tap the “App & widget drawers” option again and find the Tab bar section, enable that when you see. It will turn in orange when enabled otherwise when not enabled color would be grey.

After enabling the tab bar close the menu and head over to the home screen. You’ll see an option Apps appear on the top when long press on that there will be a section Show hidden apps and edit.

All the hidden apps will be visible when checked the show hidden apps and a small asterisk will appear next to the word “Apps” that means hidden apps are currently being shown.

You can repeat this process again whenever you want to access the hidden apps without unhiding.

However, it is not the best way to keep your data safe in the android device but can be helpful for a limited period of time.

If you truly care about your mobile data safety then better to find a premium android apps with app locker feature.

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