Top 6 Fighting Games for Android You Must Try

Here is something we can both agree on…

Fighting games have always been the favorite console of the gamers, especially for android users. As the technology is getting advanced fighting games for android are also getting improved.

Well…if I am not wrong.

You are looking for the best fighting games for android offline. Aren’t you?

Playing games offline is fun as there are less chances of getting disturbed by the continues promotional messages and notifications.

You want me to share a secret with you.

I keep my android phone on flight mode to get rid of the distractions while playing.

If you are a true gamer you can relate with me. If you don’t try at least once, you are gonna definitely enjoy it.

Here I am sharing a list of the best 3D fighting games for android.

Best 3D Fighting Games for Android

1. Fighting Tiger – Liberal

If you are a keen fighting game lover then you must have heard of Fight Tiger – Liberal. This is a single player game.

In other words, you are the only fighter and you have to fight with villains to save your girlfriend by using ninja kung-fu techniques.

At level 5 you will get access to warehouse. If you love challenging games, you should try it. It is most challenging as well as entertaining 3D action game for android.

It has the sophisticated 3D characters and special fighting styles including Liberal Kungfu to beat the enemies with protean attack. You can choose numerous weapons to knock down your enemies. Download From Playstore

2. PrizeFighters:

PrizeFighters is an classic boxing game for android. It is pretty new game but gaining its popularity amongst android gamers. It resembles with the boxing games from the SNES era (the 1990’s).

You can enjoy the game with multiplayer at some point. Download From Playstore

3. Tekken:

Tekken is world’s most popular fighting game which has been brought to the category of 3D fighting games for Android recently.

In the very short span of time it has built up it’s fan base in the world of Android fighting games.

Fighting game lovers are fan of its fighters including Paul, Kazuya, Law, Panda, Nina and many more.

Every character has its unique fighting style and moves. Collect all the characters to enjoy the game fullest.

It requires Android 5, 2 GB memory and processor should be samsung Exynos 8890/Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or higher.

Almost every gamer has these configurations in his device. There is no big deal with that.

So, what are you waiting for? Download From Playstore

4. Revenge of Warrior – One of The Best Fighting Games for Android:

C’mmon this time you have to agree with me.

List of the android fighting games is incomplete without mentioning the Revenge of Warrior.

It has been one of the best RPG games for Android over 3 years. Rating skills, powerful weapon and striking combos are present there to give you a joy of every Warrior  RTC battle fans.
These are the following reasons why every metal fan is in love with Revenge of warrior RPG game:

  • Love reaction RPG with Warrior
  • Fighting role playing mission
  • Boost Your Warrior
  • The best part of this game is it is free of cost
  • It is easier to control
  • Awesome sound effects.
  • Every warrior has an extraordinary power

What are you waiting for?

Christmas. Just kidding. Download From Playstore

5. Champion Fight 3D:

Let me take you into breathtaking world of martial arts and action fight.

With the mesmerizing spinebuster! Elbow cross! Scissor Kick!  The champion fight 3D will definitely make you feel like you are fighting not your warriors.

With the 3D jaw-dropping graphics have a great fighting experience by using your Android phone.

The game features involve:

  • Brutal 3 vs 3 combat big huge roster of wrestlers
  • Engage in the   speedy on the reaction
  • Enter the PvP battlefield to fight with real players

The game has 4.4 star rating with approx 11k reviews.

Just install the game and enjoy playing following I have given the download link. Download From Playstore

6. Pro Wrestling Battle 2018: Ultimate Fighting Mania:

What if I tell you to that you are a wrestling superstar and you are going to win the whole wrestling battle to become a world champion.

Aren’t you excited. Yes, you are.

Let’s begin the World Wrestling Championship battle to show your Heavyweight Championship skills as you are the king of ring and use all your skills to defeat your competitor.

Take the new challenge and show your most dangerous moves in the ring. Due to its realistic character Pro wrestling battle 2018 has became most famous 3D Arena graphics fighting game for Android devices.

Enjoy the jaw dropping 3D quick touch control.

Pro wrestling battle 2018 features include the following:

  • Ultimate action moves and world best wrestlers fighting game.
  • Pro Wrestling Championship tournament.
  • Numerous action strikes and fighting styles for entertainment.
  • Heavyweight Championship to battle against you in the ring
  • Realistic actions and 3D sound effects.

Download From Playstore

Final Words!

Being a game I know what does it takes to find the best fighting games for android especially offline. There are tons of 3D fighting games for android users are available on Google Play.

But…also it’s true that not every fighting games for android are free to download OR worthy even if you paid for them.

Keeping that in mind I created this post and the above are the best fighting games for android 2018.

Don’t spend your time on searching for best fighting games for smartphone. Just give the try to above games and I am sure, you won’t regret it.

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