Best Learning Apps for Kids – Android and iOS!

Educations has changed in past few years and learning old ways aren’t as as effective as it used to be. To fill the gap and save time people prefer learning from home.

To keep that in mind people start it from childhood as they want their kid to be the smartest kid in the class.

However, we can’t solely make them smart but can help them through Android educational apps.

We hope these Android learning apps for kids will help your kids learn new skills.

Best Android Learning Apps for Kids

Amazon Kindle

Nothing can beat good books especially when you can access some of the best books available on internet.

Amazon Kindle has tons of cool books that would help your kids to learn new things if he has interest in reading.

Best part of using Amazon Kindle it’s free except some premium books.

It is an amazing eReader platform as you can get on mobile. It also includes a ton of books that are both kid and adult friendly.

This is what makes it one of the best educational android apps for elementary students.

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ClassDojo is one of a few virtual classroom style learning apps for kids that keeps updated parents to their kids learning growth.

The Android educational app allows teacher, students and parents to interact with each other.

Teacher can directly involved with students to know if they need any help with the education while the same time parents can interact with teachers too to know how everything is going on.

However, it doesn’t provide complete classroom experience but acts quite same. The only downside is that you’ll need to find teachers who would want to use this kind of tool.


You want your kids to learn a new language then this Android learning app can help you.

The educational app supports multiple languages Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and even English.

This is the best free educational Android apps for kids that doesn’t cost you a dime. The best part is it is easy to use and have quality content on it.

DragonBox Series

The DragonBox series is a set of educational games that helps kids to learn maths while entertaining them.

Currently, it contains five educational apps for kids in it including algebra and geometry.

People often scared with math so better they should learn it from young age. However it is a paid educational apps but worth to try as it contains some of the best educational material out there.

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You don’t always need a classroom to learn new things and learning apps like Edmodo is the perfect for this.

It helps students, teachers, and parents to interact with each other about teaching material and methods.

The goal to design this app is increase students’ interest and involvement in the learning activity.

Students can ask for assignments, track their performance and submit reports through this app.

In short, it brings all person together where everyone involved in the activities and share what they need to share.

Google Classroom

Google classroom is another popular learning apps that acts as a virtual classroom where parents, teachers, and students interact with each other.

Students get chance to interact with other students and share their learning experience with them along with assignments.

Quality of the app is expected as Google is behind this genius learning apps.

No doubt it is one the best free learning apps for students expect one downside. You will need to find teachers who use this app and interact with students.

PBS Kids Video

PBS is old but effective educational apps for Android users. It contains some of the best quality educational content that your kids can access through PBS Kids Video.

Now parents don’t need to spy their kids when they have smartphone in their hand when they have PBS Kids Video installed in it.

Every content available in the app presented through cartoons so kids like watching them and learn faster than other methods.

They have a smart educational goal tracker so kids and parents can know the progress of learning.

This is completely free educational apps to use unless you buy advance content.

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Pocket Code

This is the best app for kids who wants to learn how to code and won’t recommend for younger kids.

Using this app your kid will learn how to code, what programming languages use for code, and other basics of coding.

Don’t get scare even it sounds scary but in real it isn’t. It follows visual drag and drop learning styles that increase students interest and make learning simple.

You don’t need to pay anything but time as it is completely free learning apps for kids.

YouTube Kids

YouTube kids is another popular apps from Google that especially designed to teach kids new skills.

It is loaded with educational content and entertaining videos that kids love to consume.

The only problem with this it isn’t available everywhere you need to spend time to find the right content.

YouTube is working hard to increase their young audience with engaging and entertaining video content.

So far now what we have got for you. Let’s us know if we have miss any useful Android learning apps for kids.

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