Top 10 Best FREE Android Launchers to Improve Performance of Your Android Device

If you’re a smartphone user you might want to change the look and appearance of your phone. Android launchers can help you change the appearance of your android mobile for free.

There plenty of cool android launchers that you can use today to customize your smartphone looks.

Before we check them out first…

What is an Android launcher?

Android is a worldwide popular mobile operating system and provides endless customization to its users.

Launcher is one of best features of Android that Android users love most.

In other words, you can’t imagine android without the launcher. It comprises your home screen and the catalog of all the apps available on your device.

Every smartphone comes with a default launcher pre-installed that you can change with other third-party Android launchers and will talk about it in a few minutes.

But first, you might want to know…

What is my default launcher?

The beauty of android that as a user we have complete control over core parts of the operating system and we can change them up as our requirement and launcher are one them.

Every android device comes with a pre-installed default launcher that you can change with third-party Android launcher apps like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher.

You can find your default launcher is in the Settings >Themes and it will show your default launcher that you can change anytime you want.

Now let’s come to the previous topic.

Why use third-party launchers?

There are many free third-party launchers for Android are available that can easily replace your default launcher.

It’s good to change your default launcher with third-party launchers since it offers you lots of customization to fulfill your need.

Android launchers have been evolved so much in recent years and empowered with cool features.

To save your time to find the best free launcher for android from hundreds of launchers on Google Play we have curated the top ad-free launcher for android.

Let’s check them out.

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#1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is one of the best free launchers for android users that they can use today to customize their smartphone.

Nova launcher makes your android operating system faster than before. In other words, it the fastest android launcher available on Google Play.

The Android launcher app is loaded with cool themes and skins that you can for free to customize your smartphone looks.

Nova launcher supports dock customizations, notification badges, as well as the option to show frequently used apps as a top row in the app drawer, folder and icon customizations, dozen of gestures and many others.

Apart from that, it supports app shortcuts. You can unlock its premium features once use the prime version of Nova Launcher.

It is the lightweight Android app launcher that doesn’t slow your mobile and worth to try. Download from Google Play

#2. Evie launcher

Performance is the second name of the fastest android launcher Evie Launcher.

It is lightweight, smooth, and fast android launcher that you can use today. It has the universal search feature that allows you to find anything on your phone from a single place.

The app comes with many cool home screen shortcuts and customization along with app drawer customization feature and folder grid.

To use icon packs you have to download that from the Google play store. Though it has limited gestures that are the only downside of this app. Nevertheless, it is a good android launcher for a smartphone to try that is easy to use and fast.

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#3. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is another popular Android launcher app for Android.

“Buzz Launcher” is a highly customizable launcher that enables you to apply shared Homescreens to your own smartphone. Buzz Launcher is an ad-free custom launcher that has over 1000,000+ free themes (the largest number of free themes among launchers.)

The app comes with many unique widget features such as clock, date, and battery.

You can even share your home screen on social media with a single touch.

For live screen wallpaper fans, it has Screen Effect feature that replaces your default wallpaper with the live wallpaper animations effects such as ‘snowfall’ or ‘autumn leaves’ floating on your screen.

Every day you would meet something surprising in your phone. Download from Google Play

#4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is visually appealing android launcher hundreds for cool themes and skins that you can use for free by downloading from Play Store.

It is lightweight android launcher designed for both smartphone and tablets. The app comes with app hide feature and lets you add up to 9 customized home screens.

It is an ad-free android launcher and sort app drawer according to the title, installation date or how frequently you use them.

When purchasing Apex launcher you can avail more gestures, themes, and other cool features. It is the best android launcher with app locker feature.

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#5. Everything Me

Everything me beautifully designed your android phone that makes anyone jealous of you. It is one the best android launcher with app locker that categories apps in a systematic way.

It is loaded with some of the cool gestures and predication bar for fast app search feature.

Simply swipe on your phone you will see who you recently called or received calls from. Loves watching the latest news on mobile use the “WeWatch” feature. The app is like an alien it learns from your behavior and provides results according to that. In short, it is one of the best android launcher apps on Play Store that you can try right now. Download from Google Play

#6. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is another popular and lightweight android launcher that supposed to use AI for searching contacts, apps, website and other content on your smartphone.

App drawer divides apps into categories according to the usage and functionality.

When activating smart launcher it asks if you want to set it your default launcher. It is just because you don’t get annoyed with default launcher pop-ups.

You can use its smart turn off the feature that automatically turns off the launcher when not using the phone.

The only downside is free android launcher has limited gestures to access more gestures and theme you have to unlock the Pro version of Smart Launcher.

Furthermore, if you like an ad-free launcher for android then better you upgrade it in Pro. Download from Google Play

#7. Microsoft Launcher

Mircosoft Launcher (Formerly known as an Arrow Launcher) is a super light and fastest android launcher designed by Microsoft.

You would get a new wallpaper every day from being when using this ad-free android launcher for a smartphone.

You can personalize your Android device to match your mood with wallpapers, theme colors, icon packs and more.

Moreover, with your Microsoft account or work/school account, you can access your calendar, documents, and recent activities in your personalized feed.

Apart from that, you can even access photos, docs, and web pages on your computer to improve your productivity.

Features of Microsoft Launcher

  • Favorite apps at your fingertips
  • Personalize the look of your phone
  • Personalize the feed
  • Improve productivity by accessing your PC
  • Search the web and your phone in one place
  • Gesture customization

Download from Google Play

#8. ADW Launcher 2

This is easy to use and fastest Android launcher app for smartphone users that offer hundreds of themes and customization options to change the look of your phone.

The UI of this app is eye appealing and makes a device running smooth. It has a unique feature that changes interface color based on your wallpaper automatically.

Additionally, you can access thousands of icon badges, app indexing on app drawer, launcher shortcuts, transition animations and tons of other cool features. It has the fast scroll app drawer.

In one word it is one of the best android launcher apps that you can use in 2019 and beyond. Download from Google Play

#9. Google Now Launcher

Bored with your old launcher and now looking for some lightweight and fast launcher app for android? Your search gonna end with Google Now Launcher.

Google Now Launcher is developed by Google that allows you to use tons of cool gestures and themes for free. Those who don’t have pixel device can install this android launcher to feel the amazing android experience.

Similar to other launchers like Nova launcher, Action Launcher, and stock launcher app it also supports swipe right on the home screen. You can even customize the Google search bar direct from the home screen.

Enabled with the smooth app drawer, app suggestions the app works awesome without heating your phone.

Say “Ok Google” to search with your voice or tell your phone what to do: send a text message, get directions, play a song and much more. Best part it is an ad-free launcher with app lock feature. Download from Google Play

#10. Pixel Launcher

Wanna try another launcher from Google? Here it is – Pixel Launcher is another creation of Google that comes with pre-installed in pixel device.

But still, higher version of the Android device can install and feel the pixel experience. Though this launcher doesn’t provide much customization like other android launcher app list but worth to try out.

You can find and go any app from a single place while using pixel launcher. Long-press on apps that support shortcuts to jump straight to where you need to go or long-press on the shortcuts to drag them to the home screen. Download from Google Play

I guess by now you’d have found your best android launcher apps 2019 that can make you super productive.

Let me know which launcher app for Android you’re going to try first?

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