Nowadays a smartphone comes with bokeh effect mode and background blur feature that instantly provides a new look to your pictures.

But, if you have a normal smartphone with a single camera then you can use bokeh effect apps to increase or decrease the depth of field.

There plenty of bokeh camera apps for Android are available on Google Play that you can use to blur the background of your picture

But, finding the best bokeh apps for android is time-consuming. To make it easy for you we already have compiled the list of top bokeh effect apps for Android 2019 that you use today.

Before we check out the top android apps for bokeh effect. I’d like you to know…

What bokeh effect photography?

Most of the DSLR camera comes with a feature that can focus on a single object like our eyes do, to create a blur effect. In bokeh photography, all focus be on the main subject while backgrounds become the blur.

If you’re doing photography with DSLR you can change lens to do bokeh effect but if we talk about smartphone bokeh photography we have don’t have a choice to change lens but use its main camera.

In that case, only bokeh effect apps can help us to do a bokeh photography.

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Best Android Apps to Add Bokeh Effect in Normal Pictures

#1. After Focus

AfterFocus android app for bokeh effect will allow you create DSLR style background blurred with simply selecting the area you want to blur.

All you have to do is to select the area you want to blur when clicking the picture with your smartphone.

It is one of the best android bokeh apps for professional bokeh effects that you can use to make your photos attractive.

AfterFocus Features

  • Focus area selection feature to draw a line around the object
  • Background Blur effect includes Lens Blur, Motion Blur, and Zoom Blur
  • Different aperture effects
  • Fading: No fading, Normal and Manual
  • Multiple Filters for foreground, Background, and whole
  • Effect – Vignetting, Color mask, Sticker and sharpen.

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#2. DSLR Camera Blur Background – Bokeh Effects Photo

DSLR Camera Blur Background is the best bokeh effect app for mobile photography and adds beautiful bokeh effects on pictures like a PRO.

It is simple yet loaded with incredibly awesome bokeh lens blur capability. It has the moving vertical bar feature that separates the object from the rest of the background that allows you take blur picture in android using app lens blur option.

DSLR Camera Blur Background photo app gives the power to shift your later too, in case you forgot to shift that first. This Blur pic editor has auto blur image background and manual point blur filter effects options.

You have to tap on the blur option and focus on the object to capture the bokeh effect with focus. Once you are done with focus move phone slowly to fit the image in showing a screenshot.

DSLR Camera Blur Background Features

  • Can make slow motion video
  • Easy switch between video and photos
  • Smart burst
  • Multiple photo modes such as Lens Blur, Wide Angle, Panorama, and Photo Sphere
  • Need updated android version

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#3. Snapseed

It is another masterpiece by Google that makes bokeh effect on your normal pictures. The professional photo editor enabled with cool editing tools including Lens Blur option that adds beautiful bokeh photography effect on your normal pictures.

The expert bokeh apps for android empowered with 29 editing tools including RAW Develop, Tune Image, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush, Vignette, Curves, Expand, Lens Blur, Vintage, Frames, Double Exposure and much more.

This is the best bokeh effect apps for iPhone and Android users developed by Google. Download from Google Play

#4. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

This is another popular lens blur feature enabled app you can use to take a bokeh effect pictures.

Using this android bokeh apps you can capture DSLR like bokeh effect images but only for a limited area. Apart from the bokeh effect, the app has multiple other cool photo editing features that would help you apply bokeh effect on normal pictures.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor Features

  • Easy HSL sliders and RGB color channel features
  • Tone adjustment
  • Quick white balance correction
  • Tweak Saturation
  • Live Effects and Collages
  • Content-Aware Removal editing tools
  • Add and adjust HDR effects
  • Photo effects it provides are Lomo, Artistic, HDR and Vignette
  • Blender tool to add an extra image or effect layer

Download from Google Play

#5. Blur Bokeh Background

If photography is your passion then you’ll love this photo editing tool. This app will provide an opportunity to perfectly utilize your images background blur.

Anyone who has some experience with image editing tools can easily use this android bokeh app to give DSLR bokeh effect to normal pictures.

It is one of the best picture editing app that provides you complete control over background blur while editing pictures with it.

To make a photo blur it directly access that from your gallery or when you click image through your camera.

To give a blur effect through this bokeh effect app open the image in the app and use the blur and zoom the picture to apply bokeh effect manually.

Once you are done with photo editing save it on your smartphone – you can even share your bokeh background image on social media and email to your friends.

Features of Blur Bokeh Background

  • Image import from gallery or take a snap using the camera option
  • Image Zoom in and Zoom out while applying a blur effect
  • Can adjust picture blur intensity
  • Brush Size adjustment
  • Undo and reset option
  • Attractive UI
  • Variety of Bokeh effects
  • Save and share on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many such platforms

Download from Google Play

#6. Insta Bokeh: Blend Camera

Insta Bokeh is a free bokeh effect camera app and quite different from other top android bokeh effect apps.

The bokeh app comes with predefined filters with beautiful editing tools to give a professional bokeh effect to normal pictures without DSLR.

You can choose any predefined bokeh effect according to your moods such as romantic sky, tender night, dream world and favorite text to blend and give a beautiful effect to your images.

Features of Insta Bokeh

  • Bokeh with light effect.
  • Transparency adjustment to bokeh effect
  • Drag & Drop with rotate function
  • Can easily share bokeh effect pictures on social networks
  • Final Thoughts Over Best Bokeh Effect Apps for Android/iPhone

Download from Google Play

However, we saw six best bokeh effect apps for bokeh effect photography but what I feel you don’t need all. Any of the above-mentioned android bokeh effect apps can fulfill your bokeh photography need.

But still, you can check all of them and pick the best bokeh app for iPhone/Android that fit you need.

Let me know which bokeh effect photography app you are going to try first?

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