One of the best thing about using Android phone is you can change it looks anytime you want using Android launcher apps. You can not only change your smartphone’s wallpaper, colors, and icons, but also the layout of the interface.

Google Play Store is jam packed with such kind of cool Android Launcher apps that you can download for free. One of the best thing using these mobile launcher apps that you can return to your default launcher anytime you want.

Getting back to your original home screen is quite easy. Simply go to your smartphone settings and switch between launchers or remove them from your system completely.

If you have been bored with your old mobile home screen and wallpapers, it’s time to try out something new.

Here are the list of the best launcher apps for android that you can use right now to give a new look to your mobile.

Best Launcher Apps for Android to Customize Your Smartphone

#1. Microsoft Launcher   

The arrow launcher is built by the folks at Microsoft to keep in mind to provide your Android phone a Windows feel.

However there are some other cool features that will please people who aren’t fans of Microsoft.  The apps give you the power to change your android phone looks anytime you want using HD wallpapers, theme colors, icon packs and much more.

Personalized feed features will bring your all important information at a single place such as – news, calendar events, docs, contacts and other stuffs. You can even access your phone on PC all you need to do is snap a picture on your phone and see it instantly on your windows computer. Download From Playstore

#2. Nova Launcher

Nova is one of the most popular launcher apps among android users because it provides higher level of customization for everything from scrolling to positioning of icon on the home screen. Nova is the best AOSP-style launchers available in Android users.

Though you can use Nova Launcher for free but you’ll be able to use limited features to unlock its full potentials you have to upgrade your free subscription into paid that includes gestures support, call unread, count badges, and several other useful features.

You will hardly notice something new after installing Nova but once you deep down into the app setting you will see lots of features including scrolling doc, changing the size of icons, change the appearance of folders, and much more.

Furthermore, it has a night mode that would reduce blue light when you will use it in the evening to enhance your battery backup. Download From Playstore

#3. Apex Launcher

It is another versatile Android launcher apps that comes with plenty of customization options  without bothering the users.

Similar to Nova Launcher, Apex also doesn’t show something new until you dig deeper into the setting that’s where you can change the settings to change the look of your Android phone.

Apex Launcher lets you customize your mobile phone by changing stylish home screen that gives a fresh look to your Android device.

It comes with lots of cool features where you can customize home screen into grid size up to 9 home screens, apply fancy transition effects, hide elements as you want, and much more.

The apps provide you multiple  drawer style ( transparent, opaque, Horizontal, vertical, paginated and continuous.)  You can even hide apps from the drawer as well as lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes.

All the above features you can access with free Apex Launcher while when you will upgrade your free account into Apex Launcher Pro paid version you will have plenty of cool features that other Android launcher apps don’t provide. Download From Playstore

#4. Zen UI Launcher

Zen UI app launcher is inspired by the latest Android smart Asus Zen UI phone. If you have got bored with your Android user interface and want something that gives a new look to your Android mobile then Zen UI is your Launcher app.

Asus Zen UI is a free launcher app for android that makes your smartphone beautiful, faster, and attractive with its cool wallpapers.

The app launcher is not just decorate your mobile home screen but also contains variety of cool themes and HD wallpapers that allows you customize your mobile device as per your requirement.

Download Zen UI launcher for your smartphone and give your mobile a fresh look. Zen UI launcher is an easy to use and small in size that doesn’t slow your mobile phone. It comes with bundles of icons, amazing HD wallpapers, and cool themes. Zen UI launcher provides both landscape and portrait support. Download From Playstore

#5. GO Launcher

It is one of the top rated launchers for android and quite popular among Android users. Go Launcher contain lots of cool features, tweaks, and games its smart apps management system is designed to make your favorite apps easier to access and a separate store to access new themes wallpapers and other supported materials.

The launcher comes with variety of beautiful widgets and animation effects you can pick any according to your Android phone style. However, while using free version you may see some ads that can be only removed when you will purchase this launcher.

GO Launcher provides 10000 + free mobile themes for your Android phone as well as it has plenty of cool HD wallpapers that includes beauty paint and the great landscape from all over the world.

Furthermore, you can access 20+ screen and draw animation effects, weather forecast, widget search, widget hide, and lock apps management to protect phone security. Doctor clean will boost your phone speed and remove all useless cache from your phone. Download From Playstore

#6. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is one of the best app launcher for android that has already won the best app ever awards and the best brand identity for the Red Dot awards. If you are looking for a highly customization launcher then Buzz Launcher is your apps.

The thing I love most about Buzz Launcher is it’s completely customize your mobiles home screen. Moreover, you will have access over 100,0000+ free themes. Buzz Launcher is a free custom launcher that allows you to customize your smartphones home screen as per your taste.

With Buzz Launcher you can do following task:

  • Customize your phone more than wallpaper or theme.
  • Change between multiple smooth, fast, and easy transition effects.
  • You can even change your smartphone homescreen with a single touch instantly.

So what are you waiting for? Download Buzz Launcher app from Google Play and show your new smartphone to your friends. Download From Playstore

#7. Aviate Launcher

Aviate simplify your android phone with an organized app that keeps information easy to access in beautiful way. Now it’s time to upgrade your android phone free of charge using Aviate Launcher.

Yahoo Aviate automatically arrange your apps and information that you can save and access whenever you need  them. The Aviate launcher isn’t only powerful and beautiful but also smart too.

It is simple and beautiful that provide easy to navigate screens in more efficient way. Intel history of important chords to the left of your home screen will show battery saver, upcoming events, weather forecast, and much more.

The android launcher contains hundreds of unique wallpapers to make your phone a fashion magazine. You can even access your contacts by swiping instead of digging them in your contact list.

Once you will install Yahoo Aviate Launcher – your home screen will never be the same as before. In other words – it will change your mobile screen looks like you have bought a new mobile phone.

It is one of the best android launcher ever available on Google Play that you can install in your smartphone to surprise your friends and family members. Download From Playstore

#8. Evie Launcher

Evie makes your Android device faster and easier to use. It allows you an amazing experience of unparalleled home screen replacement design with performance in mind. It has already won the best Android launcher apps awards and have secured its place in 15 best Android launchers of 2017 according to Android authority.

You can search anything in your phone from a single place using this app whether it’s finding contacts, apps, nearby restaurants, movies, or anything else.

Additionally, you can customize layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icon, or can start from scratch. In short, it is one of the best app launches for android available on Google Play. Download From Playstore

#9. Anole Launcher

Anole is another popular free launchers for android mobile users. It hide apps, protect your privacy, and most important ensure that your data be safe from unauthorized access.

Its hide and lock feature hide apps from home screen that only you will know where it is and how to find them. Furthermore, lock privacy setting with pattern enhance the security level and help to protect your device from  snoopers and unauthorized access.

One tap to freeze desktop feature freeze your mobile screen to save your apps from  accidentally uninstallation or alteration. You can even share apps, photos, and files safely using Anole launcher.

It has some of the best features such as hide apps, lock privacy settings, pattern lock, freeze desktop, protect important apps, change layout, multi screen browsing and much more.

You can download FREE Anole Launcher apps directly from Google Play without spending a single penny.

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